Friday, August 09, 2019

I was happy to find out (again) that my thyroid....

Last October I felt tired. Sleeping didn't help. I had some blood tests. Turned out one of my thyroid tests was abnormally high. My TSH was 9 when it is supposed to be between 0.4 and 4.

I was happy to finally find out that my thyroid was probably cause for fatigue.

So in January I travelled  to see a doctor about it. He did his own blood tests for thyroid function in his more reliable lab (he didn't trust the lab I'd used). It turned out that actually my TSH was only 2.2. In range. So my thyroid was ok. The scan and exam of it gave him no concern.

I was disappointed to find out that my thyroid couldn't be the cause for fatigue. Not that I want to be sick, but I want to know why I was so tired.

But then last month I travelled a bit further to see another doctor. I told her I had though I had a thyroid issues previously but my function was fine. She ended up doing the tests again, and 2 extra that hadn't been available back in Cambodia. So my TSH was still in range but the other 2 tests showed that -yes,  I DO  have a thyroid problem.

I was happy to finally find out (again) that my thyroid was probably the reason for fatigue.


This is the simplified 5 min version- thyroids are much more complicated. I just tapped this out in the required five minutes. 


Elizabeth said...

I was DX with hypothyroidism in 2015, when I gained 60 pounds and rarely ate. Took another 2 years of adjusting med before my numbers balanced. Working on getting those extra pounds off which isn't easy. It is a journey since hypothyroidism has 300 symptoms!

Katherine said...

Wow! 300! Glad to hear your numbers are balancing now.

Carol said...

I hope that you get treatment that reduces your fatigue! Blessings to your cross cultural family.

Katherine said...

Thanks Carol