Sunday, March 19, 2017

Distinctive things about this season

When you trip over a hard green mango in the front yard,
and feel so hot and sweaty you get sick of drinking normal water
 you know hot season is approaching.
We've bought a case of soda water,
started eating sweet soft mangoes daily
 and even enjoyed at least 2 power cuts.

Some other things particular to this month for us include some paperwork/admin stuff we need to work on so we can both be legal in each other's countries.

In some ways they are both kind of straight forward but feel a like a big weight to me.
Maybe because working out what we need to do isn't straight forward,
and maybe because they are so important to do,
and maybe because its hindered by limited internet access (internet playing up, power cuts, kids etc), and maybe because both governments are quite  different to each other, so its quite amusing/confusing to be doing both at once.

We've also had a couple of people sick. One means that we loose sleep and shuffle around what we do during the day, the other one is a longer term shuffling project we are working on. 

It feels like a lot of things are happening this month!