Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Travel so far this year

We went to visit family in Aus earlier this year. One morning they were working on the road of the house we were staying in. The preschooler ate his breakfast outside- all those trucks and things up close was just too exciting!

Soeun took an electric pump to his mum's house and installed it. Now that she is connected to mains power hopefully she won't need to hand pump all her water!

On the same trip he, our son and some other church leaders went to visit the other World Heritage sitein Cambodia, recon for church weekend away later this year.

I already blogged about the lead up to Easter and Khmer New year, here are some photos from the actual day. After church everyone decided a spontaneous trip to a popular picnic spot was in order. Despite the fact that its the hottest time of year, and being a holiday the Baray would be busy  it was fun to do something together. Its maybe around 15k out of town, we got to ride in a friends car while some others used our motorbike to get there. Hammock, mats, rice, grilled meat. Millions of Khmer people enjoying swimming and playing during the main holiday of the year!