Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Magical month

That magical time of year when the weather is backwards.

My friends in Aus are complaining of the heat, apparently in the 40s. Meanwhile here in the tropics we are wearing all our clothes. That one time of year when we don't feel too hot.

In fact this week is actually uncomfortably cold! Made worst by the fact that I used lots of our clothes to pack the kitchen breakables (in lieu of bubble wrap), and we haven't built the kitchen cupboards yet, so we haven't unpacked all the plates yet. So we are cold.

I'm starting to feel used to our new routines. Where we lived before I could ride my bike home from preschool drop off and have over an hour of kid free time to do stuff on the computer and in the kitchen. Skype. Cook dinner. Talk to husband in full sentences.

But it feels like I've lost my exercise and my kids free time at home for now, so its a bit frustrating, but slowly working out new routines.

Kids still sick, a string of seemingly unrelated things.  Five different skin issues. Various tummy things. We've talked about the new water and soil, maybe the sand, etc etc. Each illness is so minor and doesn't seem obviously connected to the other ones, but its been over a month and a half now.

And weirdly, I'm still not sick!! Despite being sleep deprived and surrounded by germs.