Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man creating gods

Thanks to those of you who tried to guess the photo a few posts ago. Here are some of the answers:
A Cambodian coffee cart.

I guess the picture is a filter trap for a prawn farm, surrounded by slabs of rock to hold the filter mesh, and with a wacker-packer used for smoothing the hole lying on its side in the middle.

hmm tricky....

there is a steel bar in the background along with some green safety netting. On the right looks like it might be a big power tool. In the foreground are two big lumps of concrete, although the one on the left looks roughly chiseled, so maybe its rock. Perhaps the big powertool is for cutting the rock.

I guess that only leaves one conclusion.... Katherine's making pancakes again!!

No wait... it a building site! :-P

And here is the picture in full, along with some others- I'll let them explain the real answer!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beginning and Endings

This month the “ summer holidays” end and new school year starts for college, under this heading there are lots of endings and beginnings. Some notable ones for us are:

A 3rd year student has been my language tutor this year. She stayed on campus over summer so we have spent lots of time together. This month she has moved out to start work. Her job is with kids who have been rescued (from being trafficked). She was very sad to leave campus after living here for 3 years!

A girl from Denmark has just arrived and will be teaching English at college. We met up so I could tell her about the course and college. She seemed quite comfortable and happy here already!

And of course the campus will fill up with students again and KS will start teaching “Jeremiah” and “How to Study the Bible”

Another ending for me this month is finishing Level 2 of language (July-Sept). We have a two weeks off, I’m planning to spend more time doing listening and speaking. During term time I spend a lot of time writing and reading just to keep up in class, so I think I’m in need of some conversation practise. (Ask me how it’s going.)

Unrelated to academic things, but still keeping with the theme of endings and beginnings is that I have started going to a different church.

KS is committed to helping his church. He preaches at least once a month, involved with music and youth as well as working with the elders to build up leadership of members (there is no pastor).

I’ve found the moto ride there each week very un-fun, and so it’s been hard to get to know people. Its hard enough to try to speak Khmer, but adding in a sore back and general traffic exhaustion makes its even harder. Along with the fact we only see the people once a week (no one lives near us) means I’m always feeling like I want to be more involved.

So I have started going to a church that is close enough to ride my bike to, and I already know many of the people there. I would prefer if KS and I could be part of the same church, but after 7 months of trying, it wasn’t working. I hope I can get involved in my new church.