Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearts 2

A Chinese friend shared this with me after reading the previous one on Khmer hearts:

In Chinese, if you have no heart means you are careless;
if your heart is small means you are careful;
if your heart is black in colour means you curse someone;
if your heart is open means you are very happy.

Monday, January 25, 2010


In Khmer to encourage someone is to lift up their heart,
and when your heart is down it means you are sad.
Its pretty similar in English, but other heart phrases are opposite.

If you have a big heart in Khmer it means you are proud,
whereas in English is to do with kindness.

Someone with a hot heart is a bad person, but in English a warm hearted person is someone you want to be around.

Do you know any "heart" phrases in other languages?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What does OMF Cambodia do ?
"Through God's grace we long to see the transformation of Cambodia through the proclamation and demonstration of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Our mission is to glorify God by modelling Christ in our daily lives, ministering through compassion, teaching and training, making disciples, establishing churches, equipping leaders and mobilizing the church for local and cross-cultural mission."

"Hagar restores women and children who have been victims of human rights abuse to life in all its fullness. Recovery can take a long time, but Hagar is committed for the long run - until each woman and child is able to reintegrate into community again."

Sunshine Centre
Providing a supportive, caring, enriching and stimulating place for children to thrive

"International Cooperation Cambodia (ICC) is a Christian development organization comprised of seven agencies who have been involved in relief and development work since 1991. ICC's purpose is to serve the needs of the people and the nation of Cambodia in education, health, food security, social services and community development. ICC aims to train the people of Cambodia in professional and leadership skills, to strengthen local organizations and to demonstrate unity and cooperation as we work with other organizations."

World Relief
"Now in it's 14th year in Cambodia, World Relief is committed to working alongside the Church of Cambodia in building its capacity to serve the poor in the name of Jesus Christ so that the healing and transforming power of the Kingdom of God is manifested in all its fullness in Cambodia."

Chab Dai
"The vision behind Chab Dai (literally “joining hands” in Khmer) was founded in Cambodia in 2005. Chab Dai aims to bring an end to trafficking and sexual exploitation through coalition building, community prevention, advocacy and research. In addition to the office in Cambodia, the vision of Chab Dai has been expanded into the USA and Canada."
The noise started up again at 4.30am, more music and chanting and talking. Soeun said there was an announcement to say they are taking the body away soon, so I think that means the noise will stop soon.

Our bedside clock thermometer said 23 this morning! Never seen it so low so we took a photo, it rained last night too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So noisy at Bible school today. Last night someone in the area died, we know because they chant using a load speaker when its happening. So today there is the clangy funeral music- its really loud, poor Soeun is having trouble marking. Hopefully this family isn't too rich, or it could go on for days.
Its also cold and rainy here, which is strange. Today I started a ten day PHAWS

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Maybe the mosquito thought you were a child, that's why it bit you and you got dengue fever"
That's what the teachers said the first day I was back at school after being sick. It wasn't just the people at the market and the doctor, it seems many Khmer people really think of Dengue as a kids disease, as that's what it is for Khmer people.
Anyway I got better from that, but then Soeun wasn't feeling himself for awhile, just as he started to get a bit better (he's still not totally normal) I had a night of diarrhea/vomiting and the sore tummy lasted all the next day. Once I was better from that, Soeun had a really sore tummy, unknown source, and he was meant to preach that morning at church! But we both seem healthy today, hopefully it will stay that way.

Monday, January 04, 2010


I think I’m pretty much back to normal after having dengue fever. I just wrote about the first 7 days on my other blog (Stop looking in my ear, take my blood!). It’s about how I got sick and it was a bit confusing because I also had an ear infection so we thought that’s why I had a fever. So I didn’t have a blood test until it was nearly over. Dengue fever isn’t a big deal for Khmer adults, so my doctor, who is Khmer didn’t seemed concerned to take my blood (to check for dengue), even though I’d had heaps of dengue symptoms.

It was also a bit confusing as an expat nurse told me a particular symptom I had was NOT a dengue symptom, but others sources (other ppls experience, websites) told me it was. And that particular symptom was the first thing I had that I was pretty sure didn’t come from an ear infection. I’ve had ear infections before but its never give me red itchy arms and legs!