Monday, September 19, 2022

We are deep in Narnia

After being sent a treasure chest of books, I picked The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe out to start reading to the children. They loved the first few chapters but we had to pause while I took one child to the capital city for a few days last month. They were both still really into the story when we started up again. Battles and weapons he likes, animals she likes. And both were excited to make connections with the Bible.

We had a stressful and intense week in late August. We survived by reading The Magician's Nephew. It was a great break to spend pre-bedtime in a magical world. The children were excited to learn the 'backstory' as they call it of Narnia. 

'That's how the lamp post got there!' Etc etc

And they were also interested to noticed connections with Bible. They were amazed at Digory not eating the apple. 

'He's like a new Adam..wait, but not Jesus.'

 So of course I had to message the owner of the books and ask to borrow the next ones. Kindly she met me in town again and handed over another 2 books!

My listeners were excited to guess clues about Aslan in The Horse and His Boy. Also commented on how Shasta is like Moses.

And now we are in book 4, the very centre of the set of 7. It's quite fun to read about castle ruins, overgrown with trees as we live near temple ruins, overgrown with jungle.

They have been looking up bits and pieces on youtube and learnt all sorts of interesting background info. We have the last 3 books with us, and school holidays this week so will probably read more.

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Friday, September 09, 2022

Half a year since hospital

Here we are half a year since the hospital visit. Some things are still suspended in time, stopped  on the day hospital started. Other things are starting again. 

For me,  I haven't been able to ride as much as before hospital. But I'm able to ride more than in the first few months of diagnosis. (Hence these photos. My 12 month pandemic card runs out next month.)

And my school mornings with the children aren't (yet?) what they were, but the last week or so we have regularly done some maths each morning. I tried to start that at the 3 month mark but it was too hard. Since we moved long acting insulin time we have been able to make use of mornings again. Big relief.

At the start of the pandemic the entry to the Angkor Thom wall tracks was unmarked. I think it was sometime in 2021 they put up these signs and barricade. I hardly see motos up there now.

Current scafolding near Victory Gate, Angkor Thom
Corner Temple on the Angkor Thom wall. (NE)