Friday, October 03, 2008


I still hadn’t fallen asleep, which wasn’t strange as we weren’t sleeping at home in our own bed. Also, I could hear a rat moving around the bedroom. When it sounded like it was close to my head I woke up Soeun.

“Rat! There’s a rat in here!”

I think I expected him to join me in my panic. Flick the light on, throw his hands in the air and run around yelling “Rat! Rat! ”

But instead I heard I sleepy mumble from his pillow, “Yeah there’s lots of rats in here.”


Christine Mao said...

Oh poor Katherine - that must have been horrible. I had an experience with a rat in a hut down at Cradle Mt in Tasmania. It chewed through my back-pack which was very close to my head. I was so freaked out that someone had to stay awake the whole night to keep a watch. No wonder you couldn't sleep.

Kimsoeun and Katherine said...

well it was also kind of funny. i really expected that soeun would wake up and panic, but when he just kept sleeping, after inmforming me that there were lots of rats (before that i only knew about one)i felt more calm about it, he didn't see the need to panic. but still i lay awake for most of the night listening to the surround sounds of rats on the roof,(we were in a wooden house) rats next to us, rats in the other rooms knocking things of tables etc, we stayed there 2 nights, i'm always glad to come home!