Friday, October 03, 2008

Understand a little already, easy to learn a bit more

Recently I’ve been watching a cooking show on TV (on CTN, Saturdays, 10.30-11am, its actually an Ajinomoto (MSG) promo). Its a fun way to practise my listening skills and learn a bit more.

Before they cook something they go through all the ingredients: show it on the screen, say the name of it and also have the name written on the screen. Lots of the basic ingredients I can already understand and read the names of (esp when there are visuals!). The ones I don’t know I try to learn during the course of the show.

As I watch and listen I try to understand what they are saying as they are doing it. I have already done some cooking with Soeun, and with my language helpers. So watching and listening is helping to reinforce cooking words and learn new words too. As well as ingredients words, other common words are things like boil, fry, put, mix, stir.

Want to read more about language learning? Prilz wrote on her blog (click here) about what she does with her language helper, and Suzanne wrote a piece about language learning here.

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