Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Water..water.. Why? Why?

For over two months our area of the city has been flooded, it wasn't like this last rainy season. There was a bit of flooded for a short while, and it also flooded in a nearby part of town. This year that part of town didn't flood, landlords said it's because this year they are pumping water out of town.. to the area we live in it seems. There are major drainage and pumping issues in Phnom Penh these days. Here is what the Phnom Penh Post has to say about it today: Flooding forces school closures.
Missed classes and the risk of disease are the results of nearly two months of deluge that educators in Russey Keo district blame on poorly planned development projects

And someone else wrote this: A disaster resilient city?

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David said...

Hi Guy's, My wife and I are wanting to come over to Cambodia to support a couple who have planted a church there. They live in street 475 there names are Dave and Kascha Reid. We are from South Africa and are just trying to sell our house. Your blog is very informative. Mail us if you can. God Bless Dave and Natalie