Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Visiting supporting church in nth NSW

 Its a weird experience  being part of a church for just a week and a half. I went to all 4 church services on Sunday and each day I've been going to different Bible study groups from various congregations.
 Even though i'm only here for a short time, as its so intense I feel like I've connected with a lot of people and feel like I know a lot of the things that are happening here. The church-wide issues and events get mentioned not only on Sunday from the front but in each Bible study group as people chat and pray. Its a privilege to visit groups and be part of peoples lives for a short time. Actually we have been part of their lives over the years in various ways, but this week I'm are actually here in person..

Most of the groups I visited this time around I did an activity that involved them listening to me speak Khmer and dressing up in Cambodian scarves! This was an opportunity for me to get a photo of the group. I also did the memory matching game , but with some new Khmer trivia this time. After that I told the watering can story, with the help of a borrowed watering can and a power point pres.
For some groups that took up most of the evening/afternoon, others also did their Bible study. Most groups seem to be doing 1 Thess in synch with the sermons, others are KYB groups.

Lots of meals with people. yesterday and today lunch with KYB groups and folded serviettes (see photos).

Re met a girl who remembers me as her sunday school teacher (she's a grown up now!!). I've met some new people, some people I think I knew from when I was school age, or they knew me or my family from back then, some people I re met after only meeting them on my last 2 visits (July 2011, July 2010). I also saw lots of familiar faces at church but didn't have time to say hi to everyone.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Spring time in SE QLD/Nthn NSW

 The last 2 years we keep having to change our plans, sometimes its been easier not to make any! Lots of our friends and family have had to cope with all these last min changes, and the times we don't make plans.
We recently just had another change, so the roller coaster continues.

A bit like the weather in SE Qld/Nth NSW these days. Weird darkness, hail that may have wrecked solar panels, storms that disturb sleep and mean a church service has no light or sound system. And today looks sunny, feels like it will be hot.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living out of a bag starts now!

I've been sorting out clothes for awhile, but it wasn't until today that our room started looking like this. All our big bags are on the floor and open, along with some plastic tubs and garbage bags.

Monday, November 12, 2012

the last 4 weeks

Over the last 4 weeks I've been visiting Bible study groups of our church in Sydney and sharing about Cambodia, its been really encouraging to meet with people who want to pray for us and who are interested to know about Cambodia. We've also have a few other events, a service at church yesterday, and the last 2 Saturdays we had people over. One of the Saturday events was a big group thing where we did some Cambodia related games and presentation, the other was more intimate, we invited 3 of our old housemates over to catch up. Its weird seeing people who we used to live with but haven't had much to do with since 2005/2006!
Next week we'll be doing similar things but in a different town!
Apart from this I've mostly been sorting and chucking stuff to get ready to move.
Soeun has withdrawn from his study and now is sick full time, I've finished up and work and I'm-getting-ready-to-go-back-to-Cambodia full time.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Bible study group visits

Over the past few weeks I have been visiting some of our churches Bible study groups. I've been doing some activities that are hopefully fun and teach people about Cambodia, as well as sharing a bit about the needs of the church there.
It has been so encouraging to spend time with people who are part of our supporting church, and to be prayed for.

I've got one more tonight, then tomorrow we have other friends coming over to hear about Cambodia as well.