Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Language teaching and learning

This week in English Fellowship and in my Khmer class we did the same activity. One person looks at a picture and describes it (using only the language that the class is learning). While the other has to try to understand and draw it, without looking at the picture.

I did attended a workshop recently about "Home Assignment". We learnt a memory pairs game that we cold use to present Cambodia/mission to our home churches. I made a version of it for English Fellowship and they loved it! Soeun and I also made a version to play at home.
Its like the card game you might call "memory". Only instead of using a pack of cards you make up question and answer cards, and to win you need to match the right answer with the question. It can be funny, on Saturday we had "Who was the prophet that rebuked "King David?"The first time we got that question, the answer that turned up was "Pol Pot".

Visit to a hill

With my Bible study group I went to visit a construction site. You can see here the view from the half built building where we ate lunch. The shed is the sort of place they put up for the workers to live in while the building is being built. Can you see the antenna off the top of the tree?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year/ Valentines Day

Valentines Day is huge here, even the day before the streets are lined with people selling flowers, as you see in this photo.

Chinese New Year is also big here, there are lots of Chinese people in Cambodia and lots of other people who like Chinese things and/or like holidays (I guess). In the lead up to CNY I saw heaps of people buying and selling what looks like a bundle of sticks. I never saw this in China, I don't think they do it in the part of China I was in.

Also in the lead up to CNY there are lots of shiny red and gold things for people to buy to get ready for new year. Can you see these decorated pumpkins being sold alongside the usual produce?

Anyway, back to the bundle of sticks. It turns out they are trees. You can buy them and if the yellow flower blooms on new year it means you will have good luck all year.

You can see the tree in this petrol sellers house has been untired and decorated with red money packets.

This one in the house of the chemist shop was already blooming on the 13th Feb, so i guess they won't have good luck this year. There was an article in the paper about someone who had worked out how to control the blooming by the amount of water they used. So he knows he will always have good luck because he can make his tree bloom on the right day.

Kimsoeun preaching at church yesterday

Friday, February 12, 2010

What are those?

The other day a Khmer friend came over. She saw some things on our table and asked me what they were. I told her to guess, so she picked one up to have a look.

Suddenly she tipped it over and put it on her back (and the tea light candle fell out). It's for cupping! she said. She was referring to a medicinal thing where they put fire in small glasses about the same size as our candle holders.Then they put the hot cups on your back and it sucks up your skin and it makes you red and healed.

I told her that wasn't it, and she guessed again. Oh, its for when the power goes off. I said yes to this, although when the power goes off e use our big emergency lantern. The candles are just for decoration.

Cooking fish in Kompong Thom

Saturday, February 06, 2010

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