Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Getting used to our new kitchen

Our sink is so low I sometimes kneel or use a chair to wash up. I usually wash up straight away as the Toddler can reach everything in the sink and most things on the bench.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Big bike finally

Well one stressful saga has come to an end thankfully.

For Soeun's new (pre) ministry trips he needs a big bike (250cc). End of last year we sold our small moto (125cc), received some gifts from Aus, and got the deposit back from our old landlord (3 months rent, new landlord only asked for 1 month). So then we had enough money.

He has a friend who knows engines etc  who has been looking around for him. A few times one has come up but it hasn't worked out. As we live inSR now, and the place to get one is PP its meant at least one trip back, and lots of phones calls. Then recently finally money was transferred and a bike bought. But then how to get it up here?

Usually people put them on buses, taxis , trucks to transport. Soeun had friends running all over PP to find someone who would do it. The road has got so bad in the last 3 months it seems no one does it anymore.

In the end he found a bus that would take it part way the other way around the lake, the he road the last 3 hours back. (after staying at a friends church over night).

First days

Been sleeping at our new place maybe half a week now. The toddler has started screaming in the evening instead of going to sleep. Stressful. Hoprfully will get easier as we all get used to our new space.
After a month of no tv and no home wifi we now have both. Akthough still using mobile data and usb stick as the wifi isnt always working. Sadly our new cable doesnt have aussie channel or the english language entertainment channels we had before but it does have at least 3 english lsnguage cable news ones.
We re not on town water so it looks brown!

Friday, 9 January 2015


This is the most khmer looking neighbourhood I've ever lived in but also the one with the most expats. Before we even moved in we met nearby residents from aus germany csnada snd heard about the uk family who were on their way back.

Its also the closest ive lived to downtown , but as this town is  smaller people talk about this area as if its way out.

Still moving

Had our first breakfast in new place this morning. Then spent the day at the old place packing etc.

The family who live there will be back in just over a week. The house helper already started doing a big clean ahead of their return. She has her own key. I was surprised one day to come home and find our toys and books packed up on the shelves with the other familys things. I hunted around the house to find some stuff. Another day we were there at the same time so i tried to ask her if she could wait until we are all moved out. Then she wont have to keep cleaning our muddy foot prints. So now we really need to get our stuff out asap.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

half moved

Over the last week we have been back and forth between the house we have started renting and the one we are subletting.

Getting lots of work done on our new house before cleaning, and then will unpack. Got some power points and lights, bought a stove and washing machine (fridge was already there) . Got the screen door fixed today, getting a covering made for the front door. Trying to get rid of house dust. Hoping to get something on the bathroom door so we can close it from the outside.

We can hear the people upstairs walking around, and I think the toddler understands what it is, he says "walk" and "jump" when he hears it.

Mostly been eating lunch outside, and other meals at our old placeor out. First time today to eat a meal inside, now that we can see the table.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Well, we have a place to live! Its the downstairs brick part of a khmer wooden house. Another family live upstairs in the wooden part. Really looking fwd to moving in, we've been living out of a bag for about a month. Mostly feeling sick-ish and stressed- ish. But have started getting to know people here which has been great.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Modes of house hunting transport

So far we have both ridden on my bike to find houses for rent.
Today after a medical appointment toddler and i tuk tuked around looking for places.
We have the use of a car while friends are overseas for Christmas and all 3 of us and a friend drove around in that a few times.
Some other friends have also gone overseas for christmas and today we went to pick up their moto and then did some house hunting on that. First time for the toddler to go on a moto out in the traffic. Traffic feels not so bad here compared to phnom penh.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


So last week all our stuff was put on an open truck  and spent the day getting jolted around and getting dusty. We arrived safely but tired. Relatives and Soeun stayed two nights to recover , then the toddler and I were left on our own. soeun went back to clean and finish up. While he was gone it was partly a fun holiday for me , exploring our new town and going to

Sunday, 7 December 2014

church weekend away

A church we visited in Kampot, it is opposite 2  mosques, an interesting thing to see in a Buddhist country.

feedback please- our newsletters

So its the end of the year.. we started 2014 with an ABC newsletter (email) eg. A is for.. B is for...
We went right through the alphabet and recently finished with Z is for zip and zoom.

However, it seems lots of the emails are going to spam (recently?). Please let me know by email or facebook if you get our newsletters in your spam or inbox. I'd like to get an idea of who is getting what and work out what to do next year, thanks

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Soeun had a drastic haircut, his first since the toddler was born. Our poor son didn't know what to make of this strange looking man. He preached his last sermon in PP.

We've been to our last proper playgroup, were prayed for at the end by a friend while the toddler was SCREAMING cos he was so tired.

My Bible study group which i just rejoined 2 years finally got to the final chapter of Romans, I have one last meeting with them for Christmas brunch.

The other week I bought some packing boxes, slowly putting them together and thinking about filling them. SOme books are already in tubs, and baby stuff we have finished with for now is boxed.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Signs December is on the way...

...my Aussie facebook friends (In Australia) keep mentioning hot weather, as does the newspaper

...my Canadian and Swiss friends  (who live in Cambodia) are discussing how glad they are to be missing the cold grey blizzardy weather

...my Khmer neighbours are dressing their kids in their warmest clothes, its getting cold here, I think it got down to 26 deg

...meanwhile I'm feeling relief that its the one time of year when its not too hot

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Often rubbish is just put out on the side of the road in plastic bags or piles. People and animals can be seen poking through it. In the past I've heard of people buying a rubbish bin to put their rubbish in, only to have it taken away as the collectors assume its part of the rubbish.

Its been nice these past 2 years to live in an area where a lot of people put their rubbish in a basket or bucket. The rubbish truck comes and the collectors empty the rubbish into the truck and leave the basket/bucket on the side of the road!

Still the dogs get into the bins and spread rubbish around occasionally. It can be pretty gross to come home and have to step over the dirty nappies to get inside!

And then last week our basket disappeared...I think the collectors dropped it in the wrong place, I walked around and saw some that may have been ours but not sure. So we have a new one now, but there were a few days when we just piled our rubbish up at our gate.