Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Later the same day...

Some background to this issue is posted here. That was written in July, you can read about what's been happening this month is my last few posts.

Well since I posted this morning, according to some reports Thai soldiers have moved back! This is good news as last night the Prime Minister said if they didn't move today there would be war.

Here is a link to an article and some comments Troops retreat from disputed border
And to find out the latest have a look on the KI Media site

I checked the Bangkok Post and it had an article for today saying that they wouldn't retreat. I can't see a time on this, its just under "breaking news". Thai army ready to defend sovereignty

And now the Phnom Penh Post has an article about it, but if you read the headlines in my previous blog post its nothing new. Cambodia warns of war after border talks

I guess I'm posting all these links and headline because I don't want to put any sensitive info on my blog, but by reading the headlines and the people's comments you might get an idea of what people here are talking about. I think in these situations its easy for rumours to start, so i'm not sure who or what to believe. This article has about 88 comments, you can see what I mean : Thai troops pull out from Veal Entry

On a different note, here is something we often talk about, Free education costs a fortune

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