Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thai/Khmer relations update

More headlines from KI Media from yesterday and today, as well as peoples comments at the end of the articles. I can't write about the rumours I'm hearing, so I'll just give you some headlines, some of these articles are similar, KI collects thems from various sources. If you just read down throught the headlines you'll get the gist of what's going on, if you want to know more you can click on a headline to read the article, and have a look at the comments!

From yesterday:

Thai , Cambodian ministers in border dispute talks, this article is short and gives some background

Cambodia, Thailand resume talks on border spat

Thai, Cambodian ministers fail to solve border row

Cambodia, Thailand set timeframe to resolve border disputes

Last night we watched the news and the Prime Minister was talking about this: Hun Sen asks Thailand to pull out its troops from Veal Entry within 24 hours...otherwise war will be waged

Cambodia warns Thailand again in border dispute
Cambodia warns Thai over border

Cambodian PM gives border ultimatum this one has some comments which reflects the nationalistic feeling. As an Aussie, border disputes are totally foreign to me as our home is girt by sea.

Cambodian PM tells Thailand he will fight more nationalistic comments. "Yuon"is what Khmers sometimes call Vietnamese.

Cambodia warns Thailand to stop trespassing

Cambodia warns Thailand its patience wearing thin over border spat (lots of comments)

And from today so far (I'm posting at about 10am, so no doubt KI Media will add some more later on today)....

Thai border talks produce no results

Leave disputed area or face "death zone" Cambodia tells Thailand this one has a photos and heaps and heaps of comments

War threat [Sompong; no Thai troops will be withdrawn as of now]

And here is a link to some photos that were taken in July of the troops and the temple. : John Vink

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