Saturday, October 18, 2008

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“Over the past century its (Cambodia’s) life has been grossly tampered with by many outsiders. By France…By Japan… By the United States…By China…By Vietnam…By the Soviet Union…” (pge 251)

From Cambodia: Report from a Stricken Nation, Henry Kamm, Arcade Publishing, 1998

Pray that doesn't happen again.

"The country's precise area -- 181,035 square km -- is drummed into every schoolchild, and any perceived squeezing of its borders is taken as a personal affront by many of its 13 million people.

"You have to defend your house," said 48-year-old motorbike taxi driver Chea Sokean, 48. "If the Thai troops want to steal our house, we have to chase them away.""

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Claude said...

I think it is Ok to defend one's country, but war should be the last resort because everyone loses out along the line somewhere and it's neither glamorous or fun. If a politician is willing to send his own son to the front line, then his/her reason for war may be genuine, but they often have other power based agendas. They incite the passion of patriotism to advance their cause and the momentum of the tide is difficult to restrain. Wise political intervention before hostilities begin is a better solution for all.