Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Explore Cambodia (on the web)

Instead of putting links in the side bar I'm putting them here, but if you want to find them in the future look under topics (labels) in side bar and go to "Links". Let me know if these don't work.

News/Current Affairs sites- Find out what's happening in Cambodia

Asia Observer, Everyday ,Phnom Penh Post (this is a twice monthly paper we read)
South Eastern Globe (a monthly magazine, only a year old,we entered the photo competition as you'll see if you download this months)

Sensitive information about Cambodia (another version of the news) also has links to other news sites. The Mirror "Mirroring the Khmer language press - with regular editorial comment "

About Cambodia

Cambodian Information Center and the CIA factbook

Visiting Cambodia?

Sustainable tourism
Embassy of Cambodia in Australia and Embassy of Australia in Cambodia
Smart traveller
There are heaps of tourist guides click here for Pocket Guide or here for the Canby one. These and many others have free hard copies you can get at lots of cafes etc. See also the Cambodian Goverment Tourism site.