Friday, May 16, 2008

The guessed photo

Thanks everyone who guessed. (Click here to see the photo.)

What else is on the road in this photo?

Photo guesses:

Looks like a marquee of some sort. Is it some markets? If it is, there's not too many people around.

Ashfelt, and Is it a wedding? in which case there may be music to go with the picture

a Cambodian massage parlour
A Cambodian motel

School Animal stable Stalls Sweatshop Massage shop

I think the thing on the road is a marquee for a funeral. or maybe a wedding. That's what they had on a road in Thailand.

guess 1 - restaurants/ eateries
guess 2 - shops or something like that

guess 3 - toilets???

It is a wedding! People set up marquee in the middle of the road and the traffic just has to cope with it. This is also done for funerals and other gatherings. In these photos you can see the tables and chairs being set up.

When you arrive at the wedding meal you sit at one of these tables. When your table is full they will start bring food. If you don’t have enough people you won’t get served!

I usually go to a wedding thinking it will be a good time to practice my listening and speaking skills (in Khmer language). But usually the music is too loud.

It's so colourful- people wear brightly coloured clothes. And there is often silly string involved.

Girls get really dressed up to go to weddings, they might get their hair done at the hairdresser, paint their nails and wear full make up. I’m talking glitter, false eye lashes and everything!

This morning I was woken up by a wedding, not an unusual occurrence. The music and monk’s chanting is so loud. Where I used to live they kept the noise between 6.30am and 9pm. But in the part of town I live in now the noise can be going all night! I’m just hoping the wedding I can hear today is a one day event, not a three day one!

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