Monday, May 05, 2008

Books and blood

This morning my language helper read me a story. It was from a school book for kids in year 1. I thought it was going to be a nice happy kids story, but it was about a father going off to war. He then ended up in hospital covered in blood, and then finally died. His wife and kids cried a lot.

This year I've been trying to not only learn Khmer language but also spend sometime reading the history of Cambodia. Its full of conflict and injustice and blood and war. I have to be careful I don't read it too close to bed time, other wise I have nightmares.

Today I was talking to a Cambodian who was about three years old when Khmer Rouge time started. (Click here to see what I wrote about it last month.) He said he likes watching action movies with lots of blood. He couldn't quite explain why, but something to do with it reminding him of his childhood.

The cinema in town seems to be always advertising horror movies- I almost get nightmares just looking at the adds! Kimsoeun also likes movies which I find way too violent and scary.

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Jaime S said...

I have plenty of friends female and male that love horror and violent action movies, I think it must be pretty common, the studios make so many of them. Hopefully it doesn't purely relate to the history of Cambodia but rather our generation and need for over the top entertainment.

I'm the same as you and I find the news and real life scary enough. I prefer comedies :). I think other people can switch off and enjoy movies like that where it upsets me because I know horrible things happen in real life and this reminds me.

-- jaime.