Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!

I usually post a photo for birthdays but as I just put up heaps of photos I'll give you a Khmer story instead!

A rabbit went to a village. It saw an old lady carrying bananas on her head to sell. The rabbit wanted to eat the bananas. It thought, “ How will I get the bananas? I think I will lie in the middle of the road and pretend to be dead.” The old lady with the bananas on her head walked along the road. The old lady saw the rabbit and thought, “ It is surely dead.” She took the rabbit and put it in her basket and kept walking. The old lady thought, “ Today I will eat rabbit meat.” As the lady walked along the road the rabbit ate all the bananas. When the old lady got to her house she took the basket off her head. The rabbit jumped away very quickly. The old lady looked in the basket, all she could see was banana skin.

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Christine Mao said...

Is there supposed to be a moral to this story? I don't get it....