Monday, May 26, 2008

A day in the life of a Bible School Student

5:30am Wake up: read Bible, clean girls toilets near classrooms (she gets paid by school to do this each morning), clean dorm, shower, dress. All the students in Cambodian schools/colleges/universities wear a white shirt and navy skirt/pants.

7:00am Breakfast. Rice with either fried pork or egg and a carrot and cucumber salad.

7:30-9:30am Class

9:30am Chapel or prayer groups depending on day of the week

10:00am Break

10:20-12:15 Class

12:15pm Lunch. Rice with either soup, stir fry or fried fish.

After lunch: Students who don’t live in campus go home either before or after lunch , students who do usually go to their dorm for an afternoon rest.

Afternoon: Extra classes like ag and English are in the afternoons. Often students wash their clothes (by hand- no washing machines in dorms). Sometimes they have other activities to do like cleaning/gardening the school- like SMBC duties.

6:00pm ish Dinner time. Same type of food as lunch.

7:30pm On campus students have Quiet time (individual prayer and Bible reading) or evening chapel depending on day of week

8:00- 10:00pm On campus students go to the library and do their homework.
Then bedtime!

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