Thursday, July 12, 2007

Workers and Food on Beach

This post is from the same beach trip that I posted about earlier (in June I think, along with the snake house). Only this post is about the people who work on the beach and the food we ate.

On this trip we ate all our meals at the beach. We sat in one of the picnic areas you can see in the photo. We ordered food from the same people we rented the picnic shelter from I think. Its nice to be sitting at table and chairs in the shade, right on the beach and having the food brought to you. One of the meals we had fish, fish soup and a beef dish, with rice of course and fruit for dessert.

Like other tourist places in Cambodia there are lots of people selling things or collecting rubbish to earn money. As we finished off our meal a primary school age boy (although I don’t think he goes to school) came around asking for our empty soft drink cans. He seems so desperate to get them. As soon as he got them he put them in his bag quickly as if to protect them from anyone who might take them off him.

As well as that there were young girls selling jewellery and knickknacks, a man with one leg (probably from a landmine) selling books about Cambodia (in English and French) and many others selling other food and clothes. You might be able to see a girl selling flower wreaths.

We bought some BBQed squid from a lady who was carrying around a Cambodian BBQ on her shoulders. Ten BBQed squid on a stick with some sweet chilli sauce cost 5000 reil (4000 is 1 US dollar).

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