Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Holiday, New term, Cold weather

Thanks for leaving comments on our posts. (Yes, you are correct Donna, my liver is fine.) I (Katherine) just had a week off language classes. The first half my sister was visiting. It was really great to catch up with her and show her around a bit. She seemed to enjoy her time here, she even had a language lesson with my mother in law as well as making herself a prahok sandwich. After she left I continued my holiday by sitting at home reading, and cooking and eating.

KS however wasn't on holidays, in fact the last 2 weeks have been extra busy trying to get marking done on time, plus he has had a cold. He has been spending lots of time in the office, finally on Sunday night just after 10pm he came home and said he was finished. So now hopefully he can have some time to get rid of his cold!

So now I've started level 2. Class is much later in the day. Last month I was really worried about this cos I ride a bike and its so hot. Last term I got a headache at least once a week and esp if I left uni a bit later. So now that I'm riding home around noon I thought it would be worse. However this week its been sooo cold! The night before last I couldn't sleep cos I was so cold. I wore socks!!! ( I don't think I've ever done that here.) Our bedside clock has a temperature thing on it. Usually it says 30 in the morning, but this week its been saying 25. (KS bought it for $1 so i don't know if it works.)

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