Friday, July 13, 2007

Roast Chicken take away meal

Just out on the street some sellers roast chicken. Often on the weekend we buy a chicken meal from these people. As well as the chicken we get 2 cucumbers, some “sweet fish sauce” (like sweet chilli sauce) and some “pepper sauce”. For the pepper sauce they give us a small plastic bag of pepper, salt, sugar and MSG (actually we don’t know what’s in there but that’s our guess). We mix this with the lime that comes in the bag too. The meal also comes with those green leaves you see. It don’t know if there is an English name, its kind of a herb/veggie thing, its yummy!

We usually eat all this with rice, although once we tried with baked potatoes and that was nice too. (I’ve also eaten this meal with bread, and once with cold rice noodles.) It cost around 12000 reil to 15000 depending on size of chicken, how many they have to sell, and our bargaining skills.)
P.S Hey Lisa- note the doona cover!

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