Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Multi cultural wedding

Recently we went to a wedding of a Khmer man and a girl from Hong Kong. The cultural mix was obvious in the days activities.

It began with a fruit procession from Khmer culture at 7am, which was followed by a Chinese tea ceremony. After a short sermon, breakfast of rice porridge was served.

Next we moved to a bigger hall and the bride- in fact the whole wedding party- had changed into white. The groom went out the front on stage while the bride walked down the aisle Western style.

After a church wedding service in Khmer and Chinese the new couple walked out together while we threw Jasmine flowers over them.

Next was lunch with an informal ceremony, sort of like speeches. And I’m not sure what happened after that.

I think the bridal party only changed clothes three times which I think is more Chinese than Khmer (Khmer brides change about 5- 7 times!)

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