Saturday, February 02, 2013

unpacking...getting to know people

Well, over 2 months ago I started putting my bags in clothes and now I have finally taken them out. Makes life so much easier! I lost some things along the way, with all the different places I stayed at- my shoes went missing, and I seem to have lost a calendar. I did so many packs and unpacks and culling I can't remember which things I decided to leave behind and which things I lost, and where I left them- did i give them away? throw them out?

My first few days here I was hanging out outside trying to get to know some neighbours. My main goal for these first few months was to set up our place, and get to know people so things would be easier after we have the baby. However, when we found out that we may have to move at any point in the year I lost the energy for getting to know neighbours. I do still try to be around outside at the time of day others are there, but its hard to come up with the same energy and initiative now.

And we were planning to set up the house- like maybe get an oven, think about fly screen (try to prevent dengue), think about what the baby is going to sleep in, make it feel like a nice familiar place to be with photos, pot plants etc. But with the maybe moving news we kind of lost our energy for that, so just working on the basics now, like having a place to put clothes, and thinking its better not to get too much kitchen stuff  so feeling like we are a bit limited in what we can cook and eat.

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