Monday, February 04, 2013

when to persevere, when to have some recovery time

"different not wrong" something i remember from one of my senior high subjects "Society and Culture", it often comes in handy!

Being back in Cambodia after 2 years away is exhausting. There are so many things that are different here, that I was used to before but find that they are strange again, like when I first arrived.

I'm reminded that what I find normal/good/beautiful etc is not the same as most people here. I find myself wanting to tell people how to do things properly (properly = my way) or to turn up my nose or laugh at some things here. Wondering how Khmer people see me- maybe also wanting to laugh at me?

I find myself wanting to go inside and have a rest. Its hard to know what a good balance is- the harder I work at getting used to things the sooner I'll feel settled, yet I think I do need to take a break sometimes. I don't want to be lazy and take breaks all the time, yet I don't want to get sick/ go insane.

Living in Phnom Penh (as opposed to somewhere else in Cambodia) we have access to "normal" food (Western food) and we have cable TV, with some English language channels. Its great to have these comforts, but want to keep interacting with Cambodia too.

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