Friday, February 15, 2013


A ceiling so high I can't touch it even if i were to stand on a chair, windows on one side, lots of lights on the ceiling and aircon!!!!

These were the main things I noticed at the church we went to on Sunday. I was able to use more energy for listening and singing as I wasn't using it all up just being there. I often feel a bit claustrophobic when a room has a low ceiling and no windows or air flow, esp on hot days.

I still felt tired and sore back ish for the rest of the day, due to the seats and the moto ride there, but I think its going to be easier to go for both us. We have been part of this church before, but away from it since end of 2008, it used to be about 45 min moto ride away (too far), it meets much closer, only have to spend 15 min on moto.

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