Wednesday, January 30, 2013

missing routine aka an atypical week

"A typical week" could be the title of this post, if we had a routine. Its not and we don't but this will give you some idea.

Our days mostly consist of setting up/settling in type jobs, as well as trying to stay healthy and working out how the household is going to work.  (And all the while battling the ant bites and blocked toilets!)

Yesterday I told my Bible study group that they are the only regular thing in my week so far, and that I was feeling frustrated that each day my energy was getting used up just settling in. Having been out of routine for quite a few months now, feeling like we are in limbo, mostly living out of a bag we're really eager to settle down. One member said if she felt settled after only a few weeks she'd feel like she'd had a baby snatching experience.

So I guess its normal that we are still settling in, esp since our progress has been slowed down by the fact that the house is for sale so we made need to move, and also had some minor sicknesses.

Some examples of these days:

On Monday I went to the doctor in the morning, and to buy some secondhand kitchen stuff from an expat who is leaving. With Phnom Penh traffic that took up the whole day! And I remembered how uncomfortable motos and tuk tuks are. Wondered what all the bumps and jolts were doing to my back and unborn baby.

Yesterday, Bible study in the morning, trip to renew my visa in the afternoon. A much nicer day than Monday, my Bible study group is close so its an easy short bike ride. The visa extension was also pretty ok bike ride, although the office is on a busy road it doesn't involve going through the city and the main part of the journey the road is smooth and sealed. Also, mostly people stay on the correct side of the road which makes it a smoother ride, feel less like I'm going to get knocked off.

This morning I went to the market, got meat, veg etc - also and easy short bike ride. Still trying to work out how often I will need to go. I don't think I need to go daily as we have a fridge, but I can only carry so much on my bike, and veggies don't seem to keep for very long so it probably needs to be more than once a week.

Now doing some research re prep for birth- eg what we need to do about visas (will we need a doctors letter to extend if we give birth in thai? are visas for khmer and aussie the same?), what airlines will let me flight in late pregnancy and what the doctors letter needs to say, can the non-Aussie parents be the one to go to the Aust embassy in Thai to do the various pieces of paperwork? etc etc

Tomorrow we hope to go to our first birth prep class, and on Friday Soeun's music class from church is coming over for the day. Its a special public holiday as the King Father died 100 days ago.

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Cindy said...

Sounds like a typical week :) Praying for you guys.