Saturday, January 26, 2013


Some things I buy in a supermarket/ shopping centre, others at the market.

In a big shop the floor is shiny, clean and smooth and things are pretty quiet and cool.

In the market I'm often tripping over, or feel like I'm about to, esp when fish jump out and land near my feet. Although the market I'm using now has much smoother ground than the market I was using before its still harder to walk around than a supermarket.

In the big shops its seems there are heaps of shop assistant, always there watching and ready to help. Sometimes standing a little too close!

In the market it seems all the sellers like calling out as you walk past their stall "hey child what do you want to buy? buy these veggies!" To my Aussie ear it can sound a bit rude, like they are yelling at me, and actually has the opposite effect, I 'd rather buy carrots from someone who doesn't yell at me.

And in the market lots of sun and flies! So different to the air con supermarket with food in packets and fridges!

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