Friday, January 11, 2013

Bike in the borey and post in Phnom Penh

Yesterday I rode my bike to the near by market. It was great to be able to ride, as I thought being pregnant I would feel it was too dangerous to ride here in Cambodia. I seem to be getting bigger and clumsier each day, and I didn't mind getting knocked around by the motos and pot holes before but now it effects someone else's health too.

 I used to ride to the other side of town in peak hour traffic, and back again in the noon day heat- I can't see myself doing that now! But the market is quite close, and most of the way there is inside the "borey" we live in. I guess its like a gated community, the roads are new and smooth and not much traffic. Yesterday I was excited to find that our market has a bike park. There is a roped off area with a guard who gives out tickets for free! The market I used to shop at didn't have this, people took their motos and bikes into the narrow paths between stalls. I usually walked there, it was easier, even with the heat and dust and people telling me it was too far too walk.

In the afternoon I went to the post office to apply for a PO Box so we can get mail. There is no postal system here like in Australia, no postman to deliver letters! It seems only expats and big companies and PO Boxes. I went all the way to the post office (through the dangerous hot traffic) and found counter 26, as we'd been told on the phone. The lady told me there were no boxes available. I told her my husband had just rung up and been told that there were boxes, and how much they were. As soon as I said that she gave me the form to fill in and I left the office 13usd poorer and with a receipt, a box number and the promise of a key on Monday.

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Lesley said...

You're pregnant?! Congratulations!!