Friday, January 25, 2013

stages of settling in

My first week here I was so looking fwd to finally unpacking and settling in, but we got some news which kind of "froze" us for awhile, made unpacking feel like a waste of time which was quite stressful!

The 2nd week we both had colds, which really slows down things in life generally , so that was frustrating. (and i had a really bad cold in Dec so i was worried i was going to get that sick again, but it didn't happen, yay!)

But after the initial shock of the first week news wore off, and the worst of our colds were over, we found we started to feel much better. We started to think about doing the things we had been planning to do, like planting herbs and buying a coffee plunger and a 2nd saucepan. We now have bedside lamps and a grater! We've been able to start forming a weekly timetable. There are still lots of things we haven't started yet, and lots of things we need to work out, and SO many more things we wish we had, but feels like the process of settling in is actually happening now.


Rebecca Lee said...

Where are you staying? What are your ministry plans? Sorry I haven't been keeping up much.

Katherine said...

hi, we are in Phnom Penh, you?