Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The first weeks include...

So after 2 years away from Cambodia, what is it like to be back?

Well, I've spent a lot of time feeling tired and hot and having lots of cool showers to try to get cool. Unlike our last house we have hot water in the showers apparently. I thought I would be excited about this, but we haven't even bothered to turn on the hot water thingy.
(and this is cool season!!! what is it going to be like in hot season when I further a long in pregnancy?!)

I've caught up with a khmer friend who lives nearby, and her family. I haven't seen her husband yet but she brought around her 2 kids (one was born while I was away) and her sister in law who lives with her.

Today I re-joined the expat Bible study group I was part of before. It was nice to see everyone!

I've also spent a lot of time buying things
- yesterday I bought a kettle from a big fancy looking shop (although many of their products on display seem to be the only one they have, I asked about 3 different kettles and there was only the display copy),
-the day before a 2nd hand desk from a german family
-ktichen stuff, like food storage containers, seasonings/sauces for cooking

Annoyingly we had all these things and more just 2 years ago, but no where to store them all, and not sure what sort of housing we would be in when we came back anyway. I still remember emptying our house of all the furniture etc 2 years ago, and then recently getting rid of the stuff we needed to live while we were in Aust. Now having to get more stuff for this stage of life, it hard doing this over and over again, esp as we may have to move again soon so we don't want to get too much stuff.

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Gay said...

just movign into mum splace intdnignot get a transportable home in her backyard i so understand the getting stuff and getting rid of stuff over and over again you have my understanding! luv you guys!