Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Worst traffic in ASEAN

"Cambodia is now officially home to the most dangerous roads in the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, officials said Thursday.

Cambodian drivers are infamous for their blithe disregard for traffic laws, let alone the laws of physics, and as roads improve rapidly this combination resulted in an average of 4.5 people dying on the country’s roads every day, new statistics said - up from 3.7 in 2006."

This is from a Bangkok Post article, also posted on another site: Cambodia traffic most deadly in ASEAN

The local paper also had 2 articles about it today.
Helmet laws to be enforced on PPenh roads , police say

Traffic accident fatalities up in 2006: NGO
DRUNKEN driving and speeding have caused an eight percent increase in road deaths in Cambodia during the first six months of this year, compared with the same period in 2007.

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Phil said...

Did I ever tell you that when Mim and I were in Cambodia 2 years ago we witnessed a man hit by a car on his bike? Our moto driver (we were doubling...er.. tripling) slowed, took a long look, and then keep going. I felt horrified, queasy and had a sense of injustice - that we should stop and do something to help. I felt so bad afterwards... But later, people told me that when foreigners get involved you will get extorted or implicated as being responsible...