Friday, November 28, 2008

Those pink things are...

In the recent flooding I saw those pink things around so much and they loooked so unnatural. Here are some of my blog readers (bleaders?) guesses in response to the photo futher down the page (or here).

Bubble Gum!
pink things .. um .. bubble gum?strange growing algae plants from all the wet?

Looks like wads of bubble gum. haha. Maybe some sort of pretty pink mold???
Mould? Bubble gum?...
My guess is that they are 'packing foam' that have been left there after the flood water levels have gone down! :)
Of course it's not bubble gum! Marshmallows. Clearly.

When I asked about it people here told me snails eggs. So I asked Mr Google about pink snails eggs and this is what I found: Snail egg photo, Apple snail eggs close up and some info about the Apple snail.

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m said...

It looks like you can add your photos of apple snail eggs at this site