Friday, November 07, 2008

Recent events in the border dispute (this used to be in the side bar)

July 2008: UNESCO awarded a temple in Cambodia World Heritage status. Some Thais were angered as they claim it belongs to their country. Both Thai and Khmer troops were sent to the border, but in August they reduced the number.October 3:Border shooting, both sides blamed each other. Two Thai and one Khmer wounded.

Oct 3-13 Tensions and troops at border grow

Oct 13 Prime Minister says Thai troops must retreat by tomorrow or face war.

Oct 14th It is announced that Thai troops retreat, but they didn't really.

Oct 15th Fighting erupts. 3 Khmer die, Khmer take Thai POWsOct 16th Talks held. Since then I've been hearing conflicting pieces of news, and challenging Aussies to try to use "girt"in a sentence this week.F

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“Khmer/Thai relations”

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