Monday, November 10, 2008

High high higher

Yesterday was day 82, and the water was higher than I have ever seen it, so I posted 3 photos on my other blog click here: Day 82 never been this high
But when we woke up today the water was even higher! I posted some photos to compare, some from last week mixed with yesterdays and todays, ones taken of the same thing side by side so you can watch the water rise.
Click here: Day 83 photos part 1, and Day 83 photos part 2
Apart from the headache I've got from being on the computer for too long, its been kind of fun , splashing around. There are heaps less people on campus too as this is a holiday week. We're enjoying our island holiday!
Oh, and I forgot to say yesterday was Cambodia's Independence day, I watched the parade on TV last night, it was really interesting, I'll tell you about it one day. Rachael was there, have a look! 55years!

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