Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sound System

While the students are on their long summer break, Teacher Soeun has lots of different jobs to do. Planning lessons, translating a book and helping set up the new sound system in the school hall.

And there has been lots of moving going on. Our neighbours moved out, and new ones moved in. Likewise with Soeun's office mates.
We felt like we were on the ark one night. Our old neighbours had moved out and the new ones hadn't moved in yet. Our other neighbours had gone to stay at a friends place- the flood was almost in their house, I think they packed up all their furniture in case the stinky water came inside. So as we looked out the front door after dinner there were no signs of people, just lots of water.
The water has gone down heaps now. I'm pretty sure there are less mozzies around than when we had a similar thing happen last year. I think because there was more water, enough for fish to swim.

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