Thursday, September 18, 2008

It is a....

Thanks for guessing the photo, here are your guesses.......

-looks like a pot for a cold liquid or a grain, the stand appears to be made from old car tyres.

-A cauldren for selling hot breakfasts out of?

-some kind of cooking pot next by the side of a road

-looks like a witch's cauldron

Hmmm... a cauldon for making love potions (the agreed method for moving along someone who doesn't agree to their arranged marriage). And yes, I have been reading Harry Potter this afternoon.

A pot for lighting a fire in when there's a blackout so commuters on the road can see.

An old pot that the government has seconded to use as a road sign (I see something spray painted on it...)I'm out of guesses.

It looks to us like it's made of rubber--old bike tires and such. Craig thinks it might be an oversized chamber pot.

Either a garbage bin to keep the vermin out or a snake chalmers pot to keep his pet in.

I also think it's a dunny (like Craig) but perhaps it's made out of an old bomb or something from war times??

And the winner is..... Claude- yes it is a rubbish bin! Usually when we put the rubbish out to be collected we just use plastic bags and leave them on the side of the road to be collected. Thats handy for people who want to look through your rubbish to find something to eat or sell. Its also handy for rats who are looking for a place to hang out. So this bin, made from old tyres makes the side of the road a much nicer place!

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