Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Driving lessons

Earlier this year I had driving lessons at a driving school in town. I did the ten hours of driving lessons but haven’t done much since. I’m not ready for the exam- need to do lots more practise but not sure how.

Soeun has his driving license and we asked the driving school about the laws. If Soeun is in the car with me can I drive around Phnom Penh to practise driving? Her answer was something like, there is no rule about it, just try to do it on the outskirts of town. I think the general gist was its ok as long as the police don’t see you, (the general gist of lots of answers). People drive around without car or moto license but I think as a foreigner I’d be more noticeable.

Anyway, recently we had a rare Saturday- Soeun was free all day! Usually he meets for music in the morning at a friends church, then goes to youth group at his church in the afternoon (and finishes off his sermon if he is preaching the next day.) But the Saturday in question his music group and youth group weren’t meeting, and his sermon was done. So we spent some time on campus with the car, me behind the wheel practising parking mainly.Hopefully when the roads dry up Soeun will have another free Saturday for more driving lessons.

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Jaime S said...

Well it looks like you'll be driving before I do! Good luck. Jaime.