Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who needs rivers...?

Who needs rivers when we have roads like this?
Another Aussie who lives in another part of Asia recently commented that she thought the word for "field" in the local language should be the same as "lake". Well, you can see from these photos that "river"and "road" are quite alike at the moment!

We have seen people in our street with fishing nets!

The newspaper has something to say about "When Roads become rivers".
It can be annoying if you are in a hurry. But the other day I went out on my bike, with time to spare, wearing clothes that were already wet. I stood on the piles of gravel to take these photos.

I think the gravel is there because they are in the middle of building the road, which they have been doing since before I first came to Cambodia!

Last year I took some photos and wrote about what it was like to ride in water over unseen potholes- its that time of year again!

While I stood on the gravel I parked my bike on the road as you can see below......

...but then a truck went past and made a big wave.....

... and my bike fell over! Which i thought was kind of funny so I took a photo, but then I realised that all my stuff in the basket was floating away! I lost my water bottle but I caught my spare shoes.

Kids were out playing in the roads, using basins and big empty bottles as boats. In the background of the above photo you might be able to see this.

I guess sand bags didn't work for these people! And below you can see a line of people walking. This is a strange sight to see, usually people only travel by moto, but in this case the passengers had to get off and walk while the driver pushed.

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Anonymous said...

Adam was telling me about this a couple of weeks ago, that water is crazy.
Has it all gone now?
Hope your well,
am keeping you both in my prayers,
god bless, Bec xxx