Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How do you say dog meat in English?

"So cow meat you call beef, and sheep meat you call mutton, pig meat you call pork- but what is the English word for dog meat?"

A friend in China asks me this (a few years ago). I guess we don't have a word as we don't really eat it ( although we don't have a different word for chicken meat either).

In Cambodia you can also buy dog meat. However- there are no dog farms, all the dog meat for sale comes from stray dogs or stolen pet dogs. (Find out more from other Cambodian blogs- "Warning for dogs" and "Lock up your dogs!" )

So that got me wondering- what about the dog meat in China. Where does that come from? Are there dog farms in China?

So I asked this questions in Yahoo! Answers- click here to read all the answers I got.

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