Friday, June 08, 2007

Picnic food prep

The day before the school picnic all the small groups were getting their lunch ready. Two students came to borrow a knife from me so they could cut a branch off the banana tree. I think they used it to wrap up some food. Another student borrowed the knife later on to cut some lemon grass. KS's group spent the afternoon picking "drawcoon" from around the grass on campus, then the next morning they cooked it in our kitchen.

"Prahok" is a paste made from rotton fish that stinks!!!! But it is a favourite food of many Khmer people. You can see here KS has some and he is mixing in some garlic, chilli and other seasonings. When he finished he put it in our lunch boxes to carry to the picnic the next day. Our group was very popular, students from other groups kept coming to our picnic table/bed thing and asking for some.

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