Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pepsi Petrol

Before I came to Cambodia I had heard of vanilla Coke, but the idea of Pepsi petrol is new to me. You can buy petrol at service stations in Phnom Penh, similar to ones in Australia. But if you want to buy cheaper (in price and quailty) you can buy from a street vendor llike the ones you see here. 4000 reil is about $1 US, you might be able to see in the photos how much
this petrol is going for, almost a dollar.

In the photo with the big umbrella, there is a girl sitting behind the blue drum.


SMBC Dad - Gav said...

If they are 1litre bottles then its about the same price as here. must be more expensive at the servo

Kimsoeun and Katherine said...

Yeah, although its in US, relative to other stuff its expensive- we use spend us 50 cents for lunch, a kilo of beef cost u.s. $4.