Monday, June 04, 2007

At Church

In a typical service the sunday school come in and sing and dance for us! Also a Psalm is read out, with everyone joining in every second verse.

We meet in an L shaped room on top of a house. The speaker stands in the corner so they can see everyone. The young people sit on one sit and the older people sit on the other, so we can't see each other. KS preaches at least once a week, you can see him here preaching from 1 Thess. He also helps with music. In the hymn book we use there are 2 sections, one is Khmer songs , the others are translated from English.

Before the serivce there is a Bible class and afterwards the young people have a study.

See those blue chairs? They are everywhere in Cambodia. As soon as the service is over they get packed up. I'm used to it now, but when I first discovered this (last year, at the Khmer chuch I went to then) I didn't know what was happening. Not understanding anything I didn't realise the service was over, and in Oz when the service is over I usually sit in my seat and talk to the people around me. So I wasn't expecting to have to jump up so quickly!

They'll be a bit about the church in our June newsletter.

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