Friday, June 08, 2007


This week the college went to a bush picnic spot in some hills about 2 hours drive out of the city. It was very quiet and I think I saw more trees in that one day than I usually see in a month! In this post you can see pictures of the beautiful trees, beautiful picnic spot and of the beautiful husband. He doesn't normally wear flowers in his hair, but they were selling these head things. Some of the girls bought them to wear, and someone gave me one and some how it ended up on his head. We have some pictures of the students too, hopefully we'll be able to show you soon. We are just waiting to ask their permission.

Cambodian picnic spots usually have this raised wooden platform covered with a woven mat, where in Oz we would have a table and benches. You take off your shoes and sit on the platform under the shade of the thatched roof.

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