Monday, March 12, 2018

Learning about homeschooling month

Our oldest and I stayed with a homeschooling family in early Feb and in mid Feb I watched some of an online summit from Fearless Homeschool.

Then we started to think about if we were going to be a homeschooling family how do we want to set up our family life/house/lifestyle. Visiting friends and the summit had given me lots of ideas of what other people do and things to think about.

Then at the end of the month one of our kids had an eye infection so we 4 all stayed home together for most of the week. Soeun and I took turns to cancel and/or postpone what we had been going to do. Our oldest is really into numbers at the moment, so there was lots of counting happening and writing out numbers. It was stressful to suddenly loose all our kids free time, but great to have that happen when we were actually thinking through how to be a homeschool family. And I realised the kids are older now, so actually having them at home is quite different to even six months ago.

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