Monday, March 12, 2018

Homeschool summit online.. worldwide this time.

So last year I watched some free seminars about homeschooling as I mentioned here.

Recently the same people ran another one, and it was also awesome. If/when we start homeschooling I'm hoping to spend more time and or money if they run more. I could watch for free, but only for a limited time. There were about 6 seminars each day over 6 days, but I only had time to watch one per day and only for the first 4 days. Next time hopefully I can plan ahead to either take the time off life to watch more for free, or pay so I can still have access to them after the time limit.

The first one was all Aussies, this one also had American presenters, also mums and experts in their fields, also enthusiastic. And like last time there were some really specific things to homeschool, like how to teach a high schooler science, but also things for all parents, like making time to be together and even creating a literacy rich  environment at home people may even want to do even if their kids go to school.

I scribbled some notes in a green notebook.. will read and make some notes later...

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