Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Christmas at our house

I wrote this ages ago.. didn't get time to finish it.. but anyway here it is. I've been reading my blog from years ago and realised I want to publish this so we can remember our first Christmas in our new house.

Basically we had a day at home together! Preschool was still on, but we kept the kids home.

The Advent craft

Since we moved to Siem Reap a few years ago we spend December painting toilet rolls green. Then if we finish it in time, it becomes our Christmas tree!

The decorations

We have some still in boxes from the move. Our house could have been Christmassy, but I had other priorities. 

The food

Before the day I went to some European bakeries and deli/butcher. I bought some sliced ham, cheese and breads. Sourdough, bagels, pretzels, stollen, mince pies etc. I also bought and prepared our favourite salad veggies. So it was all ready to go whenever we wanted a meal.

The Christmas Eve, delightfully Sunday this year

The outing

Christmas Eve the 4 of us went to an expat house church for Christmas snack, singing and talking about Jesus. We had to stop on the way to check the map. Remembering our pre-2011 life when we lived on the edge of town, there was only the paper map for tourists , it didn't extend out to where we live. Things are so different now!

The Christmas morning

Mat time- singing, reading the story of the birth of Jesus and opening our present. The blank drawing book and new crayons kept us all busy for awhile.

The changed plans

In the afternoon we were going to do our Linner and Lights outing that we normally do around the middle of Dec, but we ended up needing to delay it again.  I think the Christmas lights will be up for awhile yet anyway.

The Sound track

As we four enjoyed our day at home on Dec 25, we could hear some weird clangy music and monks chanting. It was sort of similar to one of the many ceremonies we often hear, but Soeun said it was something he hadn't heard before. It must have been some local ceremony.

Christmas Eve at Bang Bang. Mince pies all gone. We bought the 2nd last stollen.

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