Wednesday, August 09, 2017


It was dead before I saw it, so glad about that.

 I came out of the shower to see Soeun sweeping up bits of a big black scorpion. While he and the kids were having breakfast our son saw something coming in under the door , so he let daddy know. Swiftly taken care of, that was at least our 3rd scorpion  inside .

On the same day there was a scorpion discussion on Facebook, someone else just happen to bring up. They were asking what the treatment is for stings from this kind of scorpion. Many people chimed in, and I learnt again, that it just hurts a lot, this type is not deadly. I was reminded that a 4 year old we know was stung recently and he was fine, after a bit. It was great to be reminded and informed, as I think it would be pretty terrifying to see someone in pain from a sting and not know whether they were about to drop dead or not.  

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